Improving the efficiency of airport security screening checkpoints

The right data analysis can improve the efficiency of airport screening and shorten wait time for passengers. Read more in the May issue of ISE.

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  • Canada’s new manufacturing era

    Survey: Most people believe jobs in advanced manufacturing are repetitive, unsafe and unfulfilling. “We need to do a better job explaining what advanced manufacturing is and the jobs available."

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  • What is a vaccine passport?

    IISE Fellow Laura Albert is interviewed by PBS WI: “There's a lot of nuance in the conversation … It is important to have a lot of voices and a lot of voices heard at the table, and then we can sort through some of that nuance.”

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    IE students led by IISE member Sarah Ryan, Joseph Walkup Professor of industrial and manufacturing systems engineering, helped design Iowa State's mass vaccination clinic. “With a queueing network model, we get a glimpse they can make adjustments on the fly,” said junior Tyler Brenza.

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  • ISE magazine wins Awards of Excellence

    For the fourth consecutive year, the editorial flagship of IISE has been awarded Azbee honors by the American Society of Business Publication Editors.

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ISE magazine: 'How to fly through airport security lines'

Before the pandemic, the U.S. Transportation Security Administration screened more than 2 million passengers per day, and after a drop in 2020, those numbers are on the rise. To shorten delays and streamline the process, the TSA has teamed with the Center for Accelerating Operational Efficiency at Arizona State University for data-driven solutions. Click here to learn more in the May issue of ISE magazine online.

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