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Ergonomic enhancements improve safety for airline cabin crews

An ergonomics team helps Delta Air Lines reduce the risk of physical strains and injuries for flight crews. Read more in the October issue of ISE.


  • CEO Don Greene blogs about IISE’s international focus

    With 142 university and 14 professional international chapters, and international training and partnerships on the rise, IISE is true to its mission to serve those who solve the complex and critical problems of the world. “Your Institute is on the move, crisscrossing the planet, making and strengthening connections online and in person to help you and your fellow ISEs form lifelong bonds, share innovative ideas, research and practices.”

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  • ISEs tackle flying taxi operational challenges

    When air taxis hit the market, what will demand look like at different times and places? Suchithra Rajendran and IISE member Sharan Srinivas, assistant professors of industrial and manufacturing systems engineering in the University of Missouri College of Engineering, are on the case.

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  • IISE 38-year member now CIO of U.S. DOE

    Georgia Tech ISyE alum and author Ann Dunkin holds influential roles in public and private sectors and co-authors the book Industrial Digital Transformation. “I think that the easy part about digital transformation is technology. People, process, and policy – those are the hard things.”

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  • IISE fellow’s $25M cumulative gift to transform ISE at USC

    University of Southern California alumnus and IISE member Daniel J. Epstein’s ongoing support will fund top research expertise in areas such as optimization, machine learning and AI, and harnessing data to solve society’s most urgent problems.

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ISE magazine: 'A flight plan for safety'

As air travel resumes a normal pace, airlines seek to create a pleasant experience for passengers and a safe work environment for flight crews. To address this, Delta Air Lines embarked on a pre-pandemic project to improve customer experience on long-haul international flights. Its goal was to ensure that enhanced service did not lead to more strenuous activity and potential injury for flight attendants. Click here to read the October issue of ISE magazine online.

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