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IISE webinars are FREE one-hour presentations by knowledgeable professionals and experienced volunteers who provide deeper insight into topics and issues involving industrial and systems engineers and ISE-related disciplines.

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Webinar Recordings

Best Practice Case Studies: Flex Organizational and Operational Excellence Program Overview

11:30 a.m. ET March 28 

Join D. Scott Sink and Eduardo Toledo, VP Quality and Operational Excellence, Flex, for an overview of the Flex Organizational Excellence Program.


Lean in High-Mix-Low Volume Production

presented by the IISE Operational Excellence Division
12 noon ET April 6 
Presenter: Dr. Shahrukh Irani

Lean is an effective framework for improving efficiencies in manufacturing. However Lean was developed for large production facilities with high volume. In this webinar, Industrial Engineer, Shahrukh Itani demonstrates how lean can be adjusted to meet the needs of job shops – facilities with low volume and large product mixes. Through this rigorous case study, Shahrukh will teach partcipants how to improve their own efficiencies and scheduling capabilities through a lean paradigm.


Best Practices: Systematically Picking the Right Projects to Drive Cost and Waste from Your Business

Global Performance Excellence Webinar
11 a.m. to noon ET April 11  
Presenters: Scott Sink and Jared Frederici

A thought provoking presentation on innovative methods and approaches that can help you become more effective at picking the right business process improvement projects.


Additive Manufacturing of Multiscale, Multifunctional Structures

presented by the IISE Manufacturing and Design Division
11 a.m. ET April 13 
Presenter: Dr. Chi Zhou

Nature is the most efficient and effective designer. Multiscale architectures molded and refined by nature are common characteristics of living organisms. Creating nature-inspired multiscale and multifunctional materials by learning from nature has long been of interest to science. However, it has proven extremely difficult to replicate the naturally designed biological materials in synthetic materials, partially because their intricate structures need to be developed over many length scales. Additive manufacturing, or 3D printing, with the capability to fabricate a part directly from a digital model in a layer-by-layer fashion, has the potential to address this challenge. This talk will report our recent work on developing new additive manufacturing processes to fabricate multiscale and multifunctional structures from nanomaterials and biomaterials.


Leading Effective Meetings

presented by the IISE Operational Excellence Division
11 a.m. ET April 27 
Presenter: Brad Way

Studies indicate that many of us spend at least 35% of our time in meetings, and for some of us, that number is even higher. In one week, we spend approximately 14 hours in meetings with approximately 50% of that time being wasted. As a result, we lose one day a week due to wasteful meetings. Consider all the possibilities if we had that time back. In this webinar, Brad Way discusses how to take back our time and reduce these drains on our finances and times with a few simple changes.