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Fascinating reads with ISEs front and center

ISE magazine's "What's Your Story?" features ISEs like you on the move and making a difference. Check out page 66 for more on this SEMS member.


A look ahead to the IISE Annual Conference & Expo 2019 May 18-21 in Orlando, Florida, including the SEMS paper competition and Engineering Management Track.

Pricing carbon dioxide into your supply chain

With climate change concerns and CO2 regulations increasing, companies need easy-to-implement economic order quantity models to make logistics decisions.

People and creativity: The lean basics

Process improvement must advance to where staff members see it as an outlet for their creativity and expression as opposed to changes that are forced upon them.


President's Message | New Leaders  & Conferences

Fall is a season of change as we transition from the lush green warmth of summer with all its outdoor fun to the grey chill of winter with its warm fires and comfort foods. Fall 2018 is also a season of change for engineers and engineering managers. Changes in political and trade policies have changed the operating environment for many businesses. New trade deals and tariffs have blown up many cost models for goods and services forcing businesses to implement quick and sometimes radical change. U.S.-based companies have been on a trend of decreasing offshoring and increasing reshoring or near shoring products and components for several years as the gap between U.S. wages and wages of other countries has narrowed. However, the sudden shock change of prices for some off-shored components and materials has created an almost emergency need for reshoring. Engineers and engineering managers are on the front lines ensuring that the necessary changes in our facilities are performed and installed efficiently and effectively. It is truly an exciting and challenging time, and this is what we are trained for.

It may be a bit early, but I expect to see some papers and talks in the Engineering Management Track at the IISE Annual Meeting. Speaking of which, be preparing your abstracts. I can't wait to see everyone and everyone's work at the conference. Take care.

Brian K. Smith, SEMS President
Chinweike.Eseonu, SEMS President-Elect
Sreekanth Ramakrishnan, SEMS Past-President

Lend a helping hand | Call for volunteers

If you are interested in volunteering for the SEMS and its initiatives, contact Sreekanth Ramakrishnan, SEMS president, or Daren Maynard, newsletter editor.


Industrial Management - March/April 2019

March/April 2019

Industrial Management is the member publication of the Society for Engineering & Management Systems. The March/April 2019 issue features articles about changing employers' attitudes toward a college degree requirement, tying healthcare reimbursement to the value of care rather than volume, the pursuit by industrial engineers to peak in their craft or move up the management ladder, fostering a company's listening culture, turning one's mindset into a focus on growth and the effectiveness of a SWOT analysis.