Conference Chair

Mark Benden, Texas A&M University

Conference Co-Chairs

Catherine Rae, Sandalwood Engineering & Ergonomics - Incoming Chair
Mónica Matlis, Axendia Inc. - Outgoing Chair


Awards & Recognition
Julie Thompson, Liberty Mutual Insurance
Joe Wallace, CNA Insurance
Martha Parker, Texas A&M

Ergo Cup
Jeff Hoyle, The Ergonomics Center, NC State University – Co-Chair
Lisa Brooks, National Safety Council – Co-Chair
Mónica Matlis, Axendia Inc. – Co-Chair
Gary Allread, SRI-Ergonomics, The Ohio State University
Victor Aquino, Cargill
Joe Balderrama, Balderrama Ergonomics & Risk Management
Marisol Barrero, Amazon Web Services
David Brodie, Cargill
Elise Condie, Estia Health
Charlene Cornish, Lockheed Martin
Gary Downey, The Ergonomics Center, NC State University
Kelly Hogan, Sandalwood
Josh Kerst, Travelers
William Lenharth, University of New Hampshire
Ellen Martin, CNA Insurance
Wayne Maynard, Liberty Mutual Insurance (retired)
Moon Mukkar-Poyser, Cargill
Martha Parker, ErgoCenter, Texas A&M
Kay Parker-Paul, Liberty Mutual Insurance
Adam Pickens, Texas A&M
Thomas Varghese, University of Connecticut
Holly Wick, 3M

International Outreach
Marise Carroll, Ergonomics Consultant - Co-Chair
Lucy Hart, Workplace Ergonomics - Co-Chair
Giles Balbinotti, Unisociesc & Anima
Elise Condi, Everyday Massive
Ines Fernandes, Ogimi Health
Katharine Metters, Posturite
Isabel Nunes, UNINOVA
Rodrigo Marçal Pereira, ABRAFIT
Paul Schwab, Texas Instruments

Gary Allread, SRI-Ergonomics, Ohio State University - Co-Chair
Deepesh Desai, EHS Velocity-Humantech - Co-Chair

Lisa Schuiteboer-Shuler, Kensington - Co-Chair
Kristy Schultz, Safe at Work California – Co-Chair
Joe Balderrama, Balderrama Ergonomics & Risk Management (BERMN)
Marisol Barrero, Amazon Web Services
Holly Fetter (Duhamel), FCA - TMP

Pre- Conference Workshops
Adam Pickens, Texas A&M University - Co-Chair
Kim Monroe, KM Ergonomics, LLC - Co-Chair
Jeanie Iverson, VSI Risk Management & Ergonomics
Thomas Rowell, Thomas Rowell Consulting

Julia Abate, Ergonomics Center of NC - Chair
Kelly Hogan, Sandalwood - Co-Chair
Tina Minter, Chubb Insurance - Co-Chair
Sandra Sellers, DPEP - Co-Chair
Greg Griffith, CNA Insurance
Mirtha Perazza, Abbott
Tim Pottorff, QP3 ErgoSystems LLC
Julie Thompson, Liberty Mutual Insurance

Karen Chen, NC State University - Co-Chair
Sheryl Ulin, University of Michigan Center for Ergonomics - Co-Chair                                

Keith White, Lennox International, Inc. - Co-Chair
Darralyn Hooker, Doctors of Physical Therapy - Dart Container - Co-Chair

Strategic Planning
Mónica Matlis, Axendia Inc. – Chair
Timothy Hayes, Covance, Inc.
Lashawn Nevins-Boulware, Lockheed Martin
Josette Cole-Pinnix, OpsVeda, Inc.

Student/New Professional
Kaysey Aguilar, Texas A&M University - Co-Chair
Lauren Brizendine, Fit for Work - Co-Chair
Carrie Scheel, Concordia University - Co-Chair
Allison Stephens, Fanshawe College
Chris (David) Grieshaber, Illinois State University
Maya Peleg, North Carolina State University
Kaila Dawkins, North Carolina A&T University

Nicole Ervin, GE Appliances - Chair

Ram Maikala, National Safety Council

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