Perioperative patient tracking system implementation: Change management and project management that works

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Debbie Krauss, MS, RN
Internal Consultant
MedStar Health, Inc.

A perioperative patient tracking system was implemented as part of an OR information system with plans to continue a phased implementation of the module throughout the six perioperative departments within MedStar Health, Inc. The presentation will include a discussion of the project planning, process redesign, implementation, benefits, and lessons learned. Key principles utilized as part of standard, system, and agile project management as well as change management techniques will also be reviewed.

MedStar Health, Inc. is a not-for-profit, community-based health care organization with seven major hospitals, which includes six inpatient perioperative departments located in the Baltimore, Md. and Washington, D.C. metropolitan areas. A perioperative patient tracking system was implemented as part of an OR information system in a community hospital within MedStar, with plans for phased migration across the system. The project planning included detailed process documentation and redesign. Screen build with macro functionality was a challenge since other vendor clients do not utilize the software to the extent that was MedStar's intent. State of the art technology allowed for display on wall monitors and desktop PC's. HIPAA compliance and access to family education in waiting rooms were achieved while incorporating the airport-like displays. Goals and benefits achieved included increased patient throughput, increased staff communication about patient status, and increased family satisfaction. Key principles of traditional, system, and agile project management were utilized to achieve project success. In addition, important change management techniques were key to promote and realize successful end-user data input and successful system implementation.