Applying "Good to Great" in health care

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Tools and techniques

George Smith
Chief Transformation Officer
Engineering and Management Consulting

Jim Collins' titles "Built to Last" and "Good to Great" have been widely acclaimed. Collins now acknowledges that one third of his readers come from non-business, an audience he had not anticipated, and function in businesses that were not part of his industry-based research paradigm. The fit of "Good to Great," with volunteers and those employed in not-for-profit businesses is imperfect. The question "What drives your economic engine?" is compelling to health care administrators but is challenging to those who deliver health care. This conflict often creates stress within the organization. In response to that challenge, Collins produced a monograph "Good to Great and the Social Sectors" that opens the door to constructive dialogue.

This session will provide the participants with ample opportunity to become familiar with the essential elements of "Good to Great," explore the differences that characterize social sector adaptation and implementation, and to share insights and concerns among other health care practitioners. As a bonus, material from Thomas Friedman's "The World is Flat" is incorporated into the presentation. One key, you will discover, is the importance of the social service goal of mission effectiveness.