Directing a successful process improvement group

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Tools and Techniques

Maribeth Quinn
Director, Business Process Improvement
Columbus Children's Hospital

Children's Hospital began a process improvement department in September 2001. The department began with three people and has grown to nine. The department has been successful in saving the hospital money while improving service.

With over 20 years experience, Maribeth Quinn has seen process improvement departments come and go within the health care industry. This presentation is designed to share what has worked and what has not so that all such departments can enjoy success.

A successful process improvement department begins with effective marketing of the skills your area brings to administration and management. Hiring the right people and setting up measures of success that everyone can align upon is paramount to success. It also requires providing your staff with the tools they need to work effectively and efficiently and providing them with constructive feedback on a regular basis.

In this presentation we will share what has worked here at Children's, as well as what hasn't worked. We will also share the types of projects we have done, some of the successes of the department, and our goals for the future.