Do you work in a high performance workplace?

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Tools and techniques

Kevin McManus
Performance Improvement Coach
Great Systems!

Many organizations would like to think that they are high performers, but many also struggle to actually sustain the results that justify such a title. This presentation will use examples of high performance work systems and cultures to help illustrate what a high performance workplace looks, sounds, and feels like.

What separates the high performing organizations from those that have such aspirations, but can't sustain the levels of performance necessary to deserve such a title? How do the high performing companies design and manage their work systems to allow consistent reductions in cost, or significant increases in customer satisfaction or quality to be sustained? In this presentation, work systems and cultural attributes that are common across Baldrige National Quality Award winners will be explored to help identify those factors that separate the true high performers from the others.

Each session participant will receive a high performance workplace assessment that can be used to gauge the progress of their own company toward high performance status. This assessment tool is designed to gauge the degree to which key work systems mature over time, incorporate the use of key improvement tools such as lean manufacturing and Six Sigma, and penetrate all processes and work groups, in turn facilitating the shift towards a more effective work culture and sustainable, great results. This tool will also help them better define the types of actions they should consider taking in order to improve their assessment scores over time.