You Thought You Knew Everything About Time Studies

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Tools, Techniques & Strategies for Change

Domonique Mettler, Sr.
Management Engineer
Baylor Health Care System

Time studies developed by Gilbreth, one of the fathers of IE, are one of the oldest, yet most important tools for data collection. The presentation will cover the methods Baylor Health Care System utilizes for collecting data and explore the new technology that is teaching this "old tool" some new tricks.

Time studies are utilized at Baylor Health Care System for the majority of projects, including process redesign, staffing analysis, simulation and setting baseline targets. Baylor has utilized many different methodologies for conducting time studies, including direct observation, log sheets, barcode time wands and most recently PDA and web based applications.

This presentation will explore the different methods for collecting time studies and focus on the most recent technology trends in data collection and time study success factors. Different case studies for each method will be presented and analyzed on its resource commitment, ease of use, functionality and analysis capabilities. The presentation will also focus on the new technology trends and the success that Baylor has achieved through this valuable collection tool.