Baldrige Framework: The Alignment of Processes Across Critical Organization Functions

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Tools, Techniques & Strategies for Change

Richard Murray
Director, Office of Performance Improvement
UT MD Anderson Cancer Center

The presentation introduces the Baldrige Framework, provides an understanding of the framework and demonstrates how organizations, department or work units can implement the framework as a strategic approach based on what is important to the unit to create alignment, assess its competitive environment, and develop sustaining agility within its environment.

The presentation introduces the model of the Baldrige Framework, the Organizational Profile and the seven categories as an iterative closed loop strategic process that leads to cycles of learning and improvement.

The linkages in the framework allow a crystalline growth pattern. That is the adoption of the framework can start at any level with any problem that is important to the unit adopting the framework. It will naturally grow to a comprehensive model in both breath of adoption and depth of deployment. The framework assists a unit explore questions and issues that ate critical for every organization and unit.

The presentation emphasizes the ease of implementing the framework and the robustness an organization can achieve in its use as it completed cycles of learning and delves the framework's nuances. The presentation points out the critical questions to ask while performing a self-assessment using the framework and the ability of the framework to shape performance and improve communications across the organization.