Henry Ford West Bloomfield Hospital Recruitment Redesign

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Brooke Wessman
Principal Management Engineer
Henry Ford Health System

The presentation will discuss the process design, decision analysis and continuous improvement techniques used to hire and orient over a thousand employees for the 192 bed Henry Ford West Bloomfield Hospital.

The following lists the proposed sections of the presentation:

Defining the Applicant Experience

  • Voice of the Customer and Voice of the Employee
  • Talent Plus - a component of the interview process to determine if the applicant has the right talent for the position that they applied for.
  • The ideal applicant process
    • Identify process changes from the current HFHS applicant experience
  • The applicant experience swimlane diagram
    • Assigned roles to each step in the process
    • Metrics used to measure the process

Staffing the Applicant Experience

  • A quick overview on how the staffing for the 192 bed hospital was completed.
  • Using Decision Trees to estimate the number of applicants needed to fill the positions.
  • Staffing tools used to determine the number of HR staff required to open the hospital.
    • Recruiters, employee relations, interview analysts, assistants, etc.

Measuring our success

  • The applicant tracking log
  • WBH Dashboard

Lessons Learned