Healthcare 101

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Student / New to Profession

Cristina Daccarett
Lean Management Engineering
University of Iowa Hospital and Clinics

Gain an understanding of how the Healthcare System functions in the United States. The presentation will discuss the various types of institutions that provide healthcare, how health care is financed, and the regulatory agencies. Additionally, the required educational and professional needs for the workforce will be presented.

The following presentation allows students and new healthcare employees to understand how healthcare works. All areas of healthcare are discussed, but greater focus is given to areas relating/impacting quality and safety.

The first section is a basic introduction to healthcare in the United States and the goals of the system. The report from the Institute of Medicine, Crossing the Quality Chasm, is addressed. Additionally, the types of healthcare systems and how they are formed is covered in this section.

The second section discusses the institutions that provide care, the populations they see and how they interconnect.

The third section describes the role and educational requirements for the workforce (Doctors, Nurses, etc). Credentialing, continuous education and privileges are also being covered.

The fourth section provides information about the financing of healthcare. The section covers government, insurance and individual financing. Information regarding how hospitals and physicians are paid is also presented.

The fifth section focuses on the systems performance. The definition and measurement of quality is discussed. Regulatory agencies and public reporting is also covered.

Useful websites to acquire data, quality information and reporting will be provided for reference.