Healthcare Case Study - Student Competition

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Student / New to Profession

Ashley Benedict
Track Chair
SHS Conference Committee

Curt Niekamp
Track Chair
SHS Conference Committee

Case Study project for students to work on resulting in a prize (undetermined) at the end of the session.

Possible example... Radiology department has long turnaround times for performing CT and MR exams. Radiologists and primary care physicians are complaining. Department says this is due to bottleneck on the scanners. Department recommending to purchase more CT and/or MR scanners to increase throughput, hoping to reduce cycle time and average wait time. Problem is that each scanner costs $1.5 to $3 million or more so this requires Board approval. Board has asked administration to make absolutely sure this sort of capital expenditure is justified and there aren't less expensive ways of addressing problem.

Develop at least 5 recommendations (ranked in order of importance) that should be implemented including an estimated cost.

This is preliminary.