Understanding Patient Needs: The Key to Improving Patient Satisfaction

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Judith Ann Pauley
Process Communicaations Inc.

Joseph F. Pauley
Process Communications Inc.

Understanding the motivational needs of patients and their communication preferences are the keys to establishing relationships and providing improved service and patient care. Participants will learn successful scientifically proven communication and motivation strategies to enable them to establish relationships so that patients and staff will be happier and more satisfied.

Using Quality tools and the concepts of Dr. Taibi Kahler's Process Communication Model©, an Inova hospital in the Midwest improved staff and patient communications and satisfaction. During a trial period there were no accidental deaths and patient safety and satisfaction soared. Patient satisfaction and safety improved at a community hospital in Maryland and in several US Army hospitals throughout the US. Staff satisfaction and morale also increased significantly. Dr. Kahler, an internationally acclaimed clinical psychologist, identified six distinct personality types based on how they take in and process information and what they do in distress. Each of the six types communicates differently, is motivated differently, learns differently and does different things when they are in distress. Participants in this session will learn the strengths of each of the six types and how to communicate with them and motivate them so that they will be more satisfied with the care they are receiving. They will also learn how to invite each of the six types out of distress, frequently with one sentence. When caregivers see the improved satisfaction and speedier recovery of patients they will be more open to implementing a quality program.