Hospital-wide Patient Flow Improvements

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Patient Flow

Joseph Swartz
Director, Business Transformation
St. Francis Hospital and Health Centers

Kathy Holmes
Director, Critical Care Nursing
St. Francis Hospital & Health Centers

Matthew Pierce
Manager, AIU Nursing Unit
St. Francis Hospital & Health Centers  

St. Francis Hospital is on a journey to improve hospital-wide patient flow using Lean Six Sigma techniques. We will walk participants through the set of 15 plus initiatives that were implemented.

We are working to improve inpatient throughput hospital-wide. To date, the average turn around time to place patients in an inpatient bed has been reduced by 90 minutes. Some of the initiatives implemented so far are: 1. vent management and weaning protocols bundle to reduce length of stay, 2. bed czar/coordinator, 3. bed board and processes, 4. process mapping and standardization across 3 hospitals, 5. dramatic door to balloon time reduction, 6. SBAR handoff process, 7. discharge teams, 8. hospitality centers, 9. bedding in the hallways, and 10. day one discharge planning.