Management Engineering

What is management engineering?

In the past, management engineers have designed systems for control. Today they are designing systems that support change. With this shift, there is also a switch from a project or department focus to a systems focus that inevitably involves multiple departments and disciplines. Management engineering utilizes industrial engineering knowledge and skills to provide internal consulting services for all departments in an organization in order to develop, implement, and monitor more efficient, cost-effective business processes and strategies.

What do management engineers do?

Throughout the hospital environment, management engineers solve operational problems and improve levels of quality, service, or productivity.ME’s work with members of a department or service line to develop recommendations for improvement. They focus on improving the availability and validity of information used in analysis, decision making, and monitoring operations performance. Management engineers are called upon to determine the most efficient and effective way to run a hospital department.

What skills do management engineers use?

Management engineering focuses on basic industrial engineering skills. Observation, data collection, and statistical analysis play a vital role in any project.ME’s serve as facilitators and technical advisors for projects ranging from staffing levels to new information system technologies combining communication skills with a strong technical background.

What types of projects do Management Engineers work on?

Management engineering uses a very participative approach in its projects. The ME department works on a wide variety of projects that can be classified into two major categories: quality improvement and management support.

Quality improvement projects focus on improving processes and systems by evaluating the current system, determining root causes of problems, and developing recommendations for improvement.

These projects can include:

  • Work flow design.
  • Scheduling of staff/patients.
  • Organizational structure.
  • Workload management.
  • Inter-departmental coordination.
  • Work methods and procedures.
  • Defining workplace needs and designing physical workplace layouts.

Management support projects focus on improving decision making, problem solving, or planning.

  • Designing questionnaires or other data collection tools.
  • Statistical, mathematical, or graphical analysis.
  • Cost benefit analysis.
  • Design or implementation of departmental or hospital wide information systems.
  • Developing systems to monitor the performance, costs, and effectiveness of operations.
  • Analyzing the alternative solutions using computer simulation.