Six Sigma Master Black Belt

20 Days | 14.0 CEUs


The Six Sigma title of master black belt is the highest level of recognition that a Six Sigma practitioner can attain. It is normally an indication that the holder of the designation has completed a significant number of process improvements as well as serving as a mentor, coach and teacher for other Six Sigma participants. The Six Sigma master black belt is an experienced black belt, coach, trainer and champion of Six Sigma. The designation is not given lightly. In order to be recognized as an SSMBB, certain core competencies need to be demonstrated. In this program you will be evaluated on your performance as it relates to your knowledge and proficiency in Six Sigma, teaching Six Sigma and coaching green and black belts. In order to be recognized as a master black belt, you must demonstrate the following core competencies:

  • Competency Area: Six Sigma Philosophy
    The purpose of this area is to validate that the SSMBB candidate has a firm understanding of Six Sigma prior to becoming a student. Candidates must have completed a recognized green belt and black belt training program. Authenticated course certificates must be submitted to validate this competency.
  • Competency Area: Training
    The purpose of this area is to validate that the SSMBB candidate can explain and teach the core Six Sigma body of knowledge topics. This competency must be observed. An IISE-approved observer must spend at least one full day observing the candidate presenting Six Sigma training.
  • Competency Area: SSMBB Project
    The SSMBB should have a body of approved projects demonstrating proficiency in applying the strategy, methods, and tools generally associated with Six Sigma. The projects should demonstrate mastery of a wide variety of different tools. The candidate must submit a minimum of three (3) representative projects that have been completed and approved by the organization hosting the project.
  • Competency Area: Coaching
    The SSMBB has demonstrated an ability to “bring out the best” in BB and GB candidates and practitioners. Essential to this is the coaching and mentoring of ongoing projects. This competency must be observed by an IISE-approved representative who attends at least two coaching sessions conducted by the candidate with Six Sigma project teams.
  • Competency Area: Advanced Statistics
    Proficiency in statistical applications is critical for an SSMBB. This includes all of the statistical methods cited within the generally agreed upon body of knowledge, such as the one presented by ISO 13053. The candidate must pass an examination prepared and administered by an IISE representative.

There will be a surcharge for candidates not residing in the USA or Canada.

You will be evaluated individually based on your qualifications as subjectively judged by an accepted judging panel. There is no guarantee that you will earn the master black belt designation simply by enrolling.

Course Schedule

The course is scheduled individually. Contact James Swisher for availability.


Individuals who complete all of the course requirements will receive Master Black Belt certification from IISE. This certification is valid for three years and must be renewed by navigating here: There will be a $50 fee to cover administrative costs associated with the renewal. Lost certificates may be replaced using the same process.

Registration Fee

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Course Schedule

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