Agile Process Design

3.2 CEUs


IISE and MoreSteam are pleased to present this online course.

This course presents a new approach to process design that incorporates the best design practices from several interrelated disciplines, including: Design for Six Sigma (DfSS), Agile Software Development, Design Thinking, and Lean Startup.   Agile Process Design is intended for anyone who wants to take an organized and data-driven approach to translate customer needs into a process design that will consistently and reliably meet those needs.

The MoreSteam approach to process design is built around virtual process prototyping using Process Playground, a feature of MoreSteam’s EngineRoom application.  By learning how to build a digital twin of your new process design, you’ll be able to explore a wider design space, stress-test the design, and improve the quality and timeliness of your design development.

This Agile Process Design course employs the Design-Concept-Design-Optmize-Verify (DCDOV) roadmap, and includes a robust set of design tools to move through the entire design process, from collecting and interpreting the “voice of the customer” to a successfully implemented design that satisfies those customer requirements.

Course Content

This course consists of eight sessions, each of which is a collection of related lessons.  Individual lessons also include simulations, toolsets and interactive practice exercises. Each session ends with an interactive quiz to test your knowledge.

 This course is presented in a logical sequence to follow the Define-Concept-Design-Optimize-Verify (DCDOV) design roadmap.  At the core of the course are the principles of understanding customer requirements, translation of requirements into specifications, design concept generation and evaluation, and development of predictive transfer functions.

 The Agile Process Design course also covers design optimization, robust design, and incorporates Lean concepts.  Process Playground™, MoreSteam's online discrete simulation tool, is included as part of the EngineRoom application provided with the course.

  • All course content is presented online, in an on-demand format. To begin, you simply log onto the MoreSteam University learning portal.
  • On every page, you have access to a variety of multimedia content, tutorials, design tools, case studies, practice exercises, and helpful learning activities.
  • You can use the course navigation map to move through the course in a linear fashion or you can skip around and explore topics as you see fit.
  • With a heavy practice orientation, as much as 1/2 of your time will be spent working through interactive practice exercises and online assessments.
  • You have 365 days to complete this course.

What You Will Learn

The overall objective of this course is to provide a hands-on introduction to the best practices and methodologies that are essential for developing process designs that meet customer requirements at the highest possible level of quality. Upon completion of this course, you will be able to do the following:

  • Communicate using Agile Process Design concepts and language.
  • Identify areas within your existing development process where Agile Process Design is needed.
  • Identify, collect, sort, and translate voice of the customer data into a set of requirements.
  • Generate and then select optimal product or process design concepts.
  • Use process simulation methods to develop robust and reliable designs through virtual prototyping.
  • Modify process designs for optimal performance based on virtual experimentation and stress-testing process parameters.
  • Verify that the process designs meet the requirements at the desired level of performance.
  • Employ your Agile Process Design skills to lead a successful development project delivering meaningful results to the organization.


This course has no pre-requisites. Unlike other online providers, we do not require you to take any prerequisite course for this level of training.

Additional information on registering for this course

Note: This course is a collaboration between IISE and MoreSteam.  The course will be delivered via MoreSteam’s innovative online learning platform and IISE members enjoy preferred pricing for this MoreSteam content.  Please allow 1-2 business days to receive your course link from MoreSteam after completing your registration with IISE.


Registration Fee

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