Operational Analytics

2.1 CEUs


This course provides the broad, comprehensive, and in-depth knowledge and skill base required to make a difference for organizations in the areas of Operational Analytics and Artificial Intelligence. You’ll be exposed to structured models and methods/roadmaps for designing and creating effective Performance Measurement Systems. There are 11 video modules and assignments. You’ll be walked through a systematic method for doing Operational Analytics and provided with practice/exercises to ensure you do more than just know new things, you’ll build your skill sets also. The course curriculum is a blended model that includes video recordings that have developed specifically for this course from Thought Leaders and Subject Matter Experts in the field from Intel, IBM, Ford, Moresteam, The Poirier Group and others. You’ll also have access to outstanding case examples that are Integrated LeanSigma Success Projects but also have strong Operational Analytics Components. And, the course provides “Coaching Huddles”, opportunities for you to interact with our Course Support Specialists.

For learners seeking certification in addition to the certificate of completion, a capstone project to demonstrate mastery of the concepts is required. There is an additional fee for certification. Please navigate to the Operational Analytics Certification page to register for that course.


“These Operational Analytics Webinars are outstanding, they bring together Principles, Theories, Methods in a way that is easy to understand, follow and put to use.  I’m glad to hear your integrating them all into a course.

The development of our Huddles and our Huddle Boards and the Visible Measurement System has been a transformation for our employees and our organization.  We’ll never be the same.  We truly were data rich and information poor.  Now we know how to use the data we have to achieve our organizational performance requirements.” – BigBrothersBigSisters Toronto

"This course is an excellent tie-in of tried and true methods used in problem solving such as DMAIC and the use cutting edge data gathering and analysis tools such as AI and ML. The format and the content are well presented and time in between sessions allow time to both study and apply the better data gathering, analysis and presentation techniques.

I would recommend this course to everyone wanting to improve their skills in arriving at a solid data driven solution sooner." – Herman Keesee, PE

What You Will Learn:

This 11 module program is self-paced and the course materials can be completed in as little as 21 hours. After completing the course materials, the certification project is intended to be completed over a 3-6 month period under the guidance of an IISE mentor. At the completion of the program, students will be able to:

  • Create powerful charts/graphs and slides that portray data and facts in impactful ways.
  • Understand how to create visible and effective measurement systems to support process and organizational performance improvement.
  • Be an effective Data Manager and an effective Data Analyst.
  • Use data analytics tools (like Minitab) effectively and with confidence.
  • Understand how to integrate Operational Analytics with the Study-Adjust process (for example, how to create Huddles and then build Huddle Boards and Dashboards to drive continuous improvement in an organization).

Course Content

The course is composed of eleven core modules plus one bonus module:
  • Module I — Operational Analytics 101
  • Module II — Operational Analytics 201
  • Module III — Operational Analytics 301
  • Module IV — Operational Analytics 401
  • Module V — Operational Analytics 501
  • Module VI — Operational Analytics 601
  • Module VII — AI 101 Foundations and Operational Definitions
  • Module VIII — AI 201 Risks and Risk Management
  • Module IX — AI 301 Foundations, Perspectives, Practical Examples
  • Module X — AI 401 CISE Sharing How AI is Playing Out in Their Organizations
  • Module XI — Industry 4.0, Smart Automation and AI Migration Strategies

Certificate of Completion

To earn a certificate of completion, learners must complete all modules, assignments, and online coaching sessions. In addition, those seeking certification must complete a post-course project to demonstrate mastery of the concepts in practice. There is an additional fee for certification.

Registration Fee

Member: $575 Non-Member: $725