Ohio Bureau of Workers’ Compensation Case Studies

A&C Welding Inc.: Automatic sandblasting machine and self-darkening welding helmets

ABC Company: Automation Centrifuge

Ada Technologies: Lift and Tilt Tables with Antifatigue Matting

Adena Corporation: Grout Delivery System

Ahresty Wilmington Corporation: Bishamon Lift Tables

Akro-Plastics: Vacuum Resin Conveying System

All American Coach Company: Caterpillar Lift Truck and a Koni Mobile Lifting System

American Quality Stripping, Inc.: Lift recovery carts, power floor scrubber, anti-fatigue mats

Amtech Tool and Machine: CNC milling machine

Appelgren Construction Ltd: Fully automated, self-climbing hydraulic platform scaffolding

Arc Abrasives Inc.: Adjustable chairs and footrests

Ashland Comfort Control: “PowerMate” motorized electric hand truck

Ashtabula Rubber Company: Automated Time and Attendance System

Autoplas, Division of Windsor Mold Ohio Inc.: Remanufactured Fanuc Robot

Ballreich Bros. Inc.: Scale Parts Washer (SPW)

Baughman Inc. dba Kah Nursery: Mulch dispensing trailer with automatic tarp cover

Beagle Hill Farms: Bale accumulator and tie grabber system

Beckett Air Inc.: Mechanical Torque Testers

Belle Manor Nursing Home: Nursing Home Ergonomics Solutions

Bindel’s Appliance: “PowerMate” motorized electric hand truck

Broadview Multi-Care Center: Multiple Care Home Solutions

Bucyrus Blades: Automatic indexing system and changed machines

Bucyrus Precision Technologies: Larger and harder wheels plus electric tug

Byesville Aseptic: Automated Case Packer

Capital Resin Corporation: Vacuum operated material handling device

Cardington Yutaka Tech. Inc.: Cylinder lift and conveyor system

Cardiopulmonary Care Inc.: Aqua Phase Medical Equipment Washer and Sanitation System

Case Study 6074: Automatic rebar tier tools

Case Study 6110: Extrusion honing machines

Case Study 6243: Mobile column lift for heavy vehicles

Case Study 6330: Automatic pickup lift gates

Case Study 7021: Automatic surface finishing machine system

Case Study 7048: Flocking table rotator

Case Study 8025: Powered drum handler and drum palletizer

Celina Aluminum Precision Technology, Inc.: New carts, adjustable workstations, and robotic tooling

Champaign Nursing Home: Electrically Operated Beds

Chillicothe Schools: New school bus with air actuated door and air suspension drivers seat

Cotner & Cooley, CPA: Keyboard trays, document holders, ergonomic chairs and monitor supports

Crawford County: Adjustable chairs, document holders, task lights, glare screens

Custom Cleaners: Automatic mat roller and hydraulic lift gate

D.C. Meyer Masonry: Hydro-mobile scaffolding

Dave's Sand and Stone, Inc.: Tarping System

David Price Metal Services, Inc.: Overhead cranes with plate clamps and lift magnets

Dollman Technical Services: Willis Microcut CNC Milling Machine

Drycleaning Operations: Automatic tying machines

Duo-Corp.: Automatic Screw Feeding System, pnematic guns, pistol-gripped gun, and Aro Parallel Arm Workstations

Duo-Corp.: Twin-head corner cleaner and milling cutter

Dussault Moving, Inc.: balloon tired hand trucks with stair climber attachments

Erie County Care Facility: Electrical beds and mechanical lifts

Fastrac Systems Inc.: Keyboard trays, document holders, monitor arms and screen filters

Fireline, Inc.: Bulk Bag Material Unload and Feeder System

Forum Manufacturing, Inc.: Mechanical Lift Tables

Fox Floor & Cabinet Co., Inc.: CNC Drilling Machine

Fresh Products Inc.: Automatic Bottle Capper and Rotary Hot Stamp Press

Funk Finecast, Inc.: Ergolift Material Handing Device

Gerber Farm Division Inc.: Shell vacuuming, chick/shell separator, and hatchery tray conveyor

Globe Window Cleaning Inc.: Aerial Work Platform

Golden Bear Lock & Safe, Inc.: “PowerMate” motorized electric hand trucks

Harrison Township: Chest compression systems

Hartville Homes: “Vander-Lift” mechanical lift

Hillman Precision: Overhead-crane system and widened outside door

Hilltop Energy, Inc.: Bag filling station and conveyor

Home Appliance Center: “PowerMate” motorized electric hand truck

Hyper Tool: Automatic Surface Grinders

I. Schumann & Co.: Tilting Lift Tables

Isler Genetics: Robotic Boar Mover

JAC Products: “EP 5 PT Ergopulse” drills and sorbothane anti-vibration gloves

Jackson’s Maytag Home Appliance Center: “PowerMate” motorized electric hand trucks

Jenkins Memorial Health Facility: Medcare Products “Zero Back Injury System” (ZBI)

Jenkins Sign Company: Mobile work stand with platform ladder

JF Bernard: ROTO-DIE hydraulic bender and Eagle hydraulic power notcher

Joseph Stull Inc. dba Vandalia Animal Clinic: Digital radiography equipment with a float top positioning table

Joslyn Hi-Voltage Corporation: CNC milling machine

Kent Adhesive Products Company (Kapco): Electric rotating lift tables and anti-fatigue mats

Kramer Enterprises Inc., City Laundry: Continuous flow order processing system

Leather Resources of America: Scissor lift tables and Hide Stacker

Lexington Components, Inc.: Ergonomics Inspection Workstations

Liberty Steel Buildings, Inc.: Hydraulic shear with stacker

Lynd Fruit Farm Inc.: Vented Plastic Bins

MacQueen Orchards: Automated Sorting and Bagging Machine

MagReTech Inc.: vacuumLift assist with a high- temperature suction pad

Malco Products, Inc.: Automated case packers and palletizers

Maumee Valley Bottlers: Automated de- capper

Mazzella Wire Rope & Sling Co.: Bridge cranes, jib cranes, and storage racks

Meade Construction: Articulating boom lift

Medina Hardware: “PowerMate” motorized electric hand truck

Merryweather Foam Inc.: Forklift, stacker, pallet truck with scales

Micro Enterprises: Raised CNC machines

Micron Manufacturing: Automatic coil housing inspection machine

Missler’s IGA: Power- assisted pallet jack

Nationwide Industrial Supply: Automatic counting/boxing machine

Neer Manufacturing: Automated Part Assembler

O.E. Meyer Co.: Label Eater device, anti-fatigue mats, cylinder storage area

Ohio Valley Manor Inc.: Electrically operated beds with anti-slip contour

Oxford Automotive: Lift and tilt tables and anti-fatigue mats

Paramount Lawn Service: Mini skid steer plus attachments

Partners in Plastics, Inc.: Automated Flashing Machines and Adjustable Lift Tables

Patten’s Appliance Center: “PowerMate” motorized electric hand truck

Phoenix Products Inc.: Automatic Leak-Test machine

Polter Berry Farm Inc.: Self-propelled bulk loading harvesting aid

Power & Control Systems Co. Inc.: Electric hoists

Precision Graphic Services, Inc.: New programmable saddlebinder machine

Recycling Express: Automatic book debinder

Reino Linen Service Inc.: “PikQuik” flatwork separating machines

RYZ Corporation: Grooming table with lift and pet bathing tub with ramp

Schaefer Equipment inc.: Lift and Tilt Tables

Spec-Temp, Inc.: Robotic system that automatically loads, cuts, breaks and grinds the edges of the glass

St. Francis Home: Electric beds, gait belts, and bladder scanner

St. Raphael’s Home: Resident lifts, front-loaded laundry bins, Broda pedal chairs

Stearns and Lehman, dba Kerry Foods: Power-assisted pallet jacks

Stevenson Photo Color Co.: Jogger/Aerator machine and pallet lift

The Chris Erhart Foundry and Machine Co.: Ergonomics tools and tool balancers

The Plastic Lumber Co., Inc.: Pneumatic chop saws, semi-automatic cut-off saw, and boring machine

Thomas-Lyle Inc., DBA: ServiceMaster: “Tommy Gate” hydraulic lift

Tia Rosa Bakery of Ohio: Toledo, OH

Trutec Industries: Bridge Crane & Hoist System with Charge Hopper

United Rotary Brush Inc.: Vacuum feed loaders

Vision Center Industries: Adjustable work tables, adjustable padded chairs, hydraulic lift tables

W. Stoller’s Honey: On-The-Fly Lid Press with automatic conveyor and case erector

Whitaker Surface Systems: Automatic barrel hoist with larger tanks

Wolff Bros. Supply, Inc.: High lift hand trucks, plastic pallets, and automatic mail folder/inserter

Wyandot County Nursing Home: Electrically operated beds with anti-slip contour