Current Trends in Ergonomics

Presenters: Peter Budnick, co-founder/president, Ergoweb; Bill Boyd, senior vice president, CNA Insurance
Presenters are featured speakers at the upcoming Applied Ergonomics Conference 

In this webinar, presenters give an overview of planned talks for the conference and discuss how topics relate to current trends in ergonomics. Peter Budnick discusses, “Global Ergonomics and the Wired World: Challenges and Opportunities." Bill Boyd provides insight on “Becoming a Certified Professional Ergonomist.” The presenters are featured speakers at the Applied Ergonomics Conference.

Peter Budnick has served as president and CEO of Ergoweb since 1995. He has been a leading force in the Ergoweb project since its inception, when the project was still based at the University of Utah, and has since guided Ergoweb from an academic project to an industry leading company. With more than 23 years of experience in ergonomics, Peter is a widely recognized contributor to the field and is a highly regarded publisher, author, speaker and entrepreneur. He is a full member of the Human Factors and Ergonomics Society and was honored as the 2006 recipient of the Jack A. Kraft Innovator Award. He has served as director and president of the Board of Certification in Professional Ergonomics, and is a board member for the Foundation for Professionalism in Ergonomics.

Bill Boyd is the senior vice president for CNA Insurance Co. Bill is responsible for the risk control function for CNA with a professional staff of more than 200 in the delivery of Underwriting Assessments along with Customer services. He has 30 years experience in the health and safety professions. Bill is also a certified industrial hygienist, certified safety professional and a certified professional ergonomist in addition to currently being a member of the America Academy of Industrial Hygiene. Bill is the co-chair for the Institute of Industrial Engineers' Applied Ergonomics Conference. Bill currently is on the board of directors for the Board of Certified Professional Ergonomists. An ASSE member since 1982, Bill was a previous vice president of the East Tennessee Chapter.

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