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About the division

The mission of the Logistics & Supply Chain (LSC) division is to provide its membership with the body of knowledge, networking opportunity, recognition and educational programs to stay competitive in the global market. The LSC division has set the following overreaching goals:

  • Collaborate with IISE to advance the institute’s mission in the IE discipline.
  • Develop, maintain and disseminate a body of technical knowledge in the area of logistics and supply chain.
  • Create a forum for technical networking and idea generation for division members.
  • Recognize members and industries for their outstanding contribution to the division and the IISE.
  • Educate division members by sharing cutting edge research, state of the art practice, and current tools and techniques of logistics and supply chain.

Grow with us:

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Awards and Case Competitions

Logistics and Supply Chain (LSC) Division Best Student Paper Competition

This competition, open to graduate and undergraduate ISE students, honors outstanding papers in the field of logistics and supply chain.

Logistics and Supply Chain (LSC) Division Outstanding Industry Practitioner

This competition recognizes excellence in industry practice of logistics and supply chain courses.

Logistics and Supply Chain (LSC) Division Student Case Competition

This competition recognizes team who demonstrate innovative use of logistics and supply chain concepts in the analysis of the case.

Logistics and Supply Chain (LSC) Division Teaching Award

This award recognizes excellence in teaching logistics and supply chain.

The link to all the division awards/competitions is http://www.iise.org/Details.aspx?id=951. Just scroll down to LSC awards.

Division’s Tracks at IISE Annual Conference and Expo 2022

Our LSC Division is sponsoring two tracks, the LSC and the Facilities Design and Planning, at the 2022 IISE Annual Conference and Expo. We would like to encourage you to contribute to the conference by submitting an abstract in one of these two tracks. Authors of accepted abstracts will be invited to present their work in a session, choosing either a standard 20-minute presentation or a new 40-minute presentation for a lengthier discussion. Each session will be 80 minutes.

Logistics and Supply Chain Track

The LSC track will showcase latest research and proven solutions applying industrial and systems engineering principles within logistics and supply chain. The focus will be on network optimization, inventory control, transportation systems, green and sustainable supply chain, logistics for energy production, offshoring, humanitarian supply chain, reverse logistics, and other relevant topics.

Call for Abstracts

Facilities Design and Planning Track

The FDP track will focus on facility design and layout, warehouse automation, operations, and management systems, materials handling, storage, and order fulfillment systems, distribution management, container operations, cross-docking, and transportation, inventory tracking and control, facility logistics and ergonomics, and facilities design and planning education.

Call for Abstracts

Please visit this website for more information: http://www.iise.org/Annual/

Upcoming Webinars

The Relevance of Supply Chain to the Success of the Company

A Society & Division Webinar from The IISE LSC Division
Oct. 20, 12 p.m. EDT
Presenter: Prof. Dr. Bram Desmet

Over the past decade, supply chain management has matured from a relatively unknown concept into a fully fledged discipline. Nowadays, the supply chain triangle (service, cash, cost) should be an integral part of an organization’s strategy, since a successful balance benefits the overall business goals. During this webinar, Prof. Dr. Bram Desmet will discuss the five key concepts of the strategy-driven supply chain.


Have a question about LSC webinars or an idea for a future LSC webinar? Please contact Mike Sherwin. Click here to see the upcoming webinars.

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