Emerging Issues and Trends in Ergonomics IV

Participatory Ergonomics: A Path to Sustainable Ergonomics

Presenter: Peter Budnick, Ph.D., C.P.E., chief executive officer, ErgoWeb®

In corporate ergonomics programs, participatory ergonomics generally refers to an approach that involves the workers. Participatory ergonomics processes recognize that each worker knows his or her job best, that workers are the experts in their particular job functions. Through training and experience, a participatory approach infuses ergonomics principles into work processes, which naturally translates into improved outcomes in such areas as employee morale and engagement, productivity, quality, waste reduction, continuous flow, individual responsibility, as well as the health and safety gains typically associated with ergonomics. Participatory ergonomics is also an effective approach to introduce and grow ergonomics methods and awareness in smaller enterprises, where an ergonomics expert is not likely to be available on an ongoing basis, and even if available, perhaps not affordable. Participatory methods are especially effective in organizations that are on a "lean journey." In this webinar, Peter Budnick will discuss organizational and practical considerations in the implementation and maintenance of participatory ergonomics, drawing on examples from large corporations to small and family-owned enterprises in industrially developing countries.

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