Office Furniture and Equipment: The Latest Standards and Best Selection Process

Presenters: Lucy Hart, ergonomist, The Global Group and Janet Peterson, PT, DPT, principal, JP Ergonomics

In the next free webinar from GOErgo, Lucy Hart of The Global Group will explain the revised ergonomics guidelines from the Business and Institutional Manufacturer’s Association (BIFMA), which guide how to apply ergo principles to the design, manufacture, and specification of seating and work surfaces used for intensive computer work. Hart’s co-presenter, Janet Peterson of J.P. Ergonomic Consulting, will share tips for selecting appropriate computer workstation equipment. The webinar is part of a series on emerging issues and trends in ergonomics that also previews the upcoming Applied Ergonomics Conference on March 18-21 in Dallas. Hart and Peterson will be giving full presentations on their webinar topics at AEC 2013.

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