2021 University Regional Conferences

University regional conferences offer opportunities to begin your rise up

Students can jump-start their careers with IISE's 2021 university regional conferences.

In addition to various competitions that allow the winners to present at the IISE Annual Conference and Expo 2021, ALL VIRTUAL, attendees can network with and listen to speakers from industries and potential employers and start forming their own professional networks with other up-and-coming students.

Host Chapter Responsibilities

WEBINAR: Best Practices for University Regional Conference Planning | Powerpoint Presentation

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The dates, locations and contacts for the scheduled university conferences are:


Dates: TBD
Location: TBD
Contact: TBD


Dates: VIRTUAL Undergraduate Student Technical Paper Competition Only, Jan. 30
Location: Ryerson University
Contact: Nick Neumann, Student Conference Co-chair
Adrian Galope, Student Conference Co-chair
Kaelyn Consul, Student Conference Co-chair
Mohamed Wahab, Faculty Conference Chair

Central & South America

Dates: TBD     
Location: Universidad Pedagogica y Tecnologica de Colombia
Universidad Militar Neuva Granada
Contact: Carlos Andres Silva Orjuela, Student Conference Chair
Hugo Salazar Sanabria, Faculty Conference Co-chair
Pedro Sanchez Caiman, Faculty Conference Co-chair


Dates: TBD
Location: Instituto Tecnologico de Ciudad Madero, Madero
Contact: Ethelia Perez Aldana, Student Conference Co-chair
Alejandro Henry Cruz, Student Conference Co-chair
Jesus Esquivel, Faculty Conference Chair

Middle East

Date: TBD
Location: TBD
Contact: TBD

U.S. Great Lakes

Dates: VIRTUAL Feb. 5-6
Location: Purdue University     
Contact: Sophie Fanok, Student Conference Co-chair
Barrett Caldwell, Faculty Conference Co-chair

U.S. Mid-Atlantic

Dates: VIRTUAL March 27, 9:00 am-11:00 am - Undergraduate Student Technical Paper Competition Only
Paper submissions due March 12 at 5:00 pm Eastern time
Location: Clemson University     
Contact: Sydney Wilson, Student Conference Chair
Jeff Kharoufeh, Faculty Conference Chair

U.S. North Central

Dates: Hybrid March 26-27
Location: Iowa State University, Ames, Iowa
Contact: Ani Yam, Student Conference Co-chair
Kasey Sutton, Student Conference Co-chair
Thomas Lechtenberg, Student Conference Co-chair
Matt Frank, Faculty Conference Chair
Conference website

U.S. Northeast

Dates: VIRTUAL March 13-14
Location: Penn State Behrend and University of Pittsburgh
Contact: Michael Magnotti, Penn State Behrend Student Conference Co-chair
Caleb Strobel, Penn State Behrend Student Conference Co-chair
Erin Marshall, University of Pittsburgh Student Conference Co-chair
Philip Andreoli, University of Pittsburgh Student Conference Co-chair
Faisal Aqlan, Faculty Conference Co-chair
Michael Sherwin, Faculty Conference Co-chair

U.S. South Central

Dates: VIRTUAL Undergraduate Student Technical Paper Competition Only, March 27
Location: Oklahoma State University
Contact: Matthew Wilkinson, Student Conference Chair
Chenang Liu, Faculty Conference Chair

U.S. Southeast

Dates: VIRTUAL Undergraduate Student Technical Paper Competition Only, March 6
Location: University of Miami
Contact: Jodi Caplan, Student Conference Chair
Nina Miville Faculty Conference Chair

U.S. Western

Dates: VIRTUAL, Feb. 27-28
Location: Arizona State University     
Contact: Nathan Chmelnik, Student Conference Co-chair
Katelyn Johnson, Student Conference Co-chair
Feng Ju, Faculty Conference Chair