Z94.12.6 Plastics

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LAMINATE. A product made by bonding together two or more layers of material or materials.

LAMINATED, CROSS. Pertaining to a laminate in which some of the layers of materials are oriented at right angles to the remaining layers with respect to the grain or strongest direction in tension. Balanced construction of the laminations about the center line of the thickness of the laminate is normally assumed. (See LAMINATED, PARALLEL.)

LAMINATED, PARALLEL. Pertaining to a laminate in which all the layers of material are oriented approximately parallel with respect to the grain or strongest direction in tension.

LAMINATED WOOD. An assembly of wood layers in which the wood grain or fillets of the adjacent layers are parallel, contrasted with plywood, which is characterized by cross layers or crossing, usually alternated with the parallel face, core, and back layers.

LAND. (1) The portion of a mold which provides the separation or cutoff of the flash from the molded article. (2) In the screw of an extruder, the bearing surface along the top of the flights. (3) In an extrusion die, the surface parallel to the flow of material.

LANDED FORCE. Force with shoulder which seats on land in landed positive mold.


LATCH. Device used to hold two members of a mold together.

L/D RATIO. A term used to define an extrusion screw. Denotes the ratio of screw length to diameter.

LIGNIN PLASTICS. Plastics based on resins made by the treatment of lignin with heat or by reaction with chemicals or with not more than an equal weight of synthetic resins.

LOADING BOARD. A device for holding preforms spaced to correspond with the positions of multiple cavities of a compression mold and for dropping the preforms simultaneously into the cavities.

LOADING SPACE. Space provided in a compression mold or in the pot used with a transfer mold to accommodate the molding material before it is compressed.

LOCATING RING. A ring which serves to align the nozzle of an injection cylinder with the entrance of the sprue bushing and the mold to the machine platen.

LUMBER-CORE CONSTRUCTION. A type of plywood in which the center layer or core is lumber, usually edge-glued together from narrow strips and seldom less than 3/8 in thick.

LYOPHILIC. In vinyl dispersions, having affinity for the dispersing medium.

LYOPHOBIC. In vinyl dispersions, not having affinity for the dispersing medium.

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