Z94.12.6 Plastics

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NEWTONIAN LIQUID. A liquid in which the rate of flow is directly proportional to the force applied. The viscosity is independent of the rate of shear, and there is no yield value in Newtonian flow.

NONRIGID PLASTIC. A plastic which has a stiffness or apparent modulus of elasticity of not over 10,000 psi (68.948 MPa) at 23°C, when determined in accordance with the Standard Method of Test for Stiffness in Flexure of Plastics (ASTM Designation: D 747).

NOVOLAK. A phenolic-aldehydic resin which, unless a source of methylene groups is added, remains permanently thermoplastic. (See RESINOID, THERMOPLASTIC.)

NOZZLE. Restricted orifice at the end of the heating cylinder of an injection or transfer machine.

NYLON The generic name for all synthetic fiber-forming polyamides. These polyamides can be formed into monofilaments and yarns characterized by a high degree of toughness, and elasticity, as well as a high melting point and good resistance to chemicals, but poor resistance to water absorption and penetration.

NYLON PLASTICS. Plastics based on a resin composed principally of a long-chain synthetic polymeric amide which has recurring amide groups as an integral part of the main polymer chain.

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